Morning Meeting: The Day After

Posted: Friday, February 4, 2011 at 11:01 am
By: Karen Sherman
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It’s the day after rescue crews pulled more than 150 cars and hundreds of people off of Interstate 29. And we’re still getting answers on what went wrong. We talked with the Highway Patrol about who makes the call to close the roads when the weather gets bad.

Do you know someone who was involved? I hope you saw Erich Schaffhauser’s story yesterday with the family of five who were stuck in their car for nearly 12 hours and had to be rescued. We’re hoping you’ll share some of those stories on our KELOLAND Facebook page.

Erich is also headed back to the “war zone” where the Roberts County Sheriff is still warning people of the road conditions.

The Dakota Wesleyan University baseball coach got caught up in the mess and is sharing his story today.

And with as much as we tell you to check 511 or Safe Travel USA for road conditions, today we’re going to put it to the test to see just how accurate the reports are with what’s really out there.

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