Morning Meeting: Hundreds Of Closings

Posted: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 10:48 am
By: Karen Sherman
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There were likely hundreds of people glued to their TV screen or our KELOLAND Closeline this morning waiting to see if their school was delayed or canceled. We received 256 submissions as of 9:30 this morning. And more than 200 of those were closings. One not listed: the Sioux Falls School District.

We all know it’s not very often that the state’s biggest district calls off or even delays school, but the forecasted overnight temperature for tonight is -18 degrees and the expected high is a bleak zero. Today, Peggy Moyer’s going to take a look at how the district has to weigh student safety when changing the school schedule.

Our Hailey Higgins is also riding with a school bus driver to show you some of the challenges they face on rough winter roads.

We’re also asking people today what they think about Sioux Falls Representative Hal Wick’s proposal in Pierre to require South Dakota’s over the age of 21 to have a gun. (HB1237) He figures, if the Federal Government can require people to have health care, why not guns? We’ll look into the point he’s trying to make and get reaction. UPDATE: People were quick to sound off on our KELOLAND Facebook page.  What are your thoughts?

And Photojournalist Kevin Kjergaard was on the scene of a plow that got hit by a semi truck on Interstate 90 between Hartford and Humboldt yesterday. Check out the great video here and then join us later today when David Brown will have an update on the crash.

It’s a good reminder that if you do have to go out today, give yourself some extra time and take it slow. It may not be snowing, but that blowing snow is still causing some problems and the temperatures are making things slick.

Try to stay warm!

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