Working Hard At Working Out

Posted: Monday, January 24, 2011 at 9:32 am
By: Nicole Winters
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The end of last week proved to be a bit hectic for me, so today I’m playing catch-up on my blog. Though it’s probably a good thing I waited until today to write, because after Thursday night’s workout I was ready to curse my trainer (only kidding Travis, kind of). 

Apparently Thursday’s are “fun” workout days. What I quickly learned is “fun” doesn’t always mean fun or anything close to it! We started the workout class with 8 sets of as many squats as we could do in 20 seconds. By the eighth set my legs were feeling it. We went right from that into stations that consisted of planks (where you hold yourself up on your forearms and toes), jump rope, pushups with weights, step-ups with weights, etc. (I think there were 8 different stations). We went from station to station doing as many of that single exercise as we could in 20 seconds, ending after the second round.

After getting the heart racing, and the muscles aching, came the really “fun” part that consisted of lunges, sit-ups and squat jumps. Every woman was timed during this to see how well they did. We did 15 reps of all three, right into 12 sets of each, 9 reps, 7 reps and then back up 7, 9, 12, 15. That doesn’t sound so bad reading it, but when you’re ready to throw in the towel, it’s challenging! There was no break in between. I think I got through the first 15, and was really starting to hurt. My legs felt like Jell-O, my face was tomato red and I wanted to quit!

But, just when I was about to give up, and tell Travis, I just couldn’t do it, I found out why working out in a group is so great. One of the other girls, who finished ahead of me, came over and did the exercises with me. She counted out loud and pushed me to the end. While she was taking the extra pain to help me, the rest of the class cheered me on. That gave me the motivation to push through the pain (and torture, I was thinking at the time). It was a gratifying feeling to finish without giving up. Because of that I have added a new goal to my list. I want to get to the point where I can finish a grueling exercise, and then motivate and help someone else who’s struggling. It really was an amazing feeling.

Now, we’re at Monday. Day 1 of week 2. I’ll let you know tomorrow how tonight’s workout goes. My thoughts are today will be hard since I’ve only done cardio exercise since Thursday, that means another sore day tomorrow!

 More to come later…


P.S. I cheated on my diet yesterday. I ate a cheeseburger (no bun) and a handful… ok, 2 handfuls of Doritos… and I ate veggie dip with my veggies. There it’s off my chest! Ugh, now I have to workout harder. But, the taste was worth it!


  1. Randy says:

    Keep up the hard work Nicole! You made it through week 1. When you cheat once a week it’s called a treat. When you cheat every day it’s just that…cheating. Travis is the best so do what he says and results are guaranteed.

  2. Angie Parr says:

    Loved your blog, Nicole! I agree with you that it was so awesome of Liz to jump in with you at the end of class last week. I loved seeing that. That spoke volumes of her and of the unity we have as a class. I love working out with these girls and hope you do, too! You’re doing great!

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