Morning Meeting: Governor’s Budget Address

Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 10:53 am
By: Karen Sherman
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KELOLAND News is working today to bring you in-depth team reports on the Governor’s budget address. Our Shawn Neisteadt is in Pierre, ready to bring you live reports on the sweeping cuts Governor Dennis Daugaard is expected to propose to lawmakers at 1 PM today.

It’s going to be a pivitol¬†point for institutions who have feared what Daugaard might propose as they find out what he does suggest. That’s especially the case for school districts. The Associated School Boards of South Dakota sent out a memo last week preparing members of a possible 10 percent cut. Once we find out whether that’s the case, KELOLAND’s Katie Janssen and Austin Hoffman will get reaction from school administrators.

Cuts to Medicaid programs would also impact your health. On this evening’s HealthBeat, KELOLAND’S Kelli Grant is looking into what they mean for physicians and you, the patient.

At -24 degrees in Aberdeen and -15 in Sioux Falls, KELOLAND has some of the coldest places in the country today. And our cold weather is causing potholes to sprout again. I hit a massive one yesterday as I got onto I-229 North from East 10th Street in Sioux Falls. People are already sounding off on our KELOLAND Facebook page about where they’re running into them.

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