Evening Wrap- Up: Budget Cuts, Cold Weather, Baby Dunsmoor

Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 9:46 pm
By: Karen Sherman
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Good evening KELOLAND! I apologize for not having a blog last night. I was home ill with the little bug that has been going around the newsroom. Working down here is like sitting in a  germ pool some days. With everyone in my corner of the cubicle sick the last week, I knew I was destined to follow the trend.

But without driving my car for 24 hours, the engine did not start this morning. Lucky for me, I have friends who could help me out. And KELOLAND is apparently the coldest in the nation, so I understand why it did not start. Check out Tony Barlow’s story, “KELOLAND Coldest in Nation” and Erich Schaffhauser’s story “Northeast KELOLAND Icebox Of The Nation” for more details.

On this cold winter day, reporter Ben Dunsmoor became a new daddy! I would like to congratulate Ben and Trista on their new baby girl, Kenley Suzane. I am sure their other daughter, Bella, is very excited to be a big sister.

Coming up tonight on KELOLAND News at 10, is information about the budget cuts proposed by our governor, including a story about Rapid City’s cuts and a story about the Game, Fish and Parks, which is looking to see a large 22 percent cut. Also, don’t forget to see an intriguing eye about two twin sisters from Estelline, SD whose lives were impacted by World War 2 soldiers during a train ride.

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