8 Week Challenge: Day 2

Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 8:06 am
By: Nicole Winters
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I survived my second workout class Tuesday night. Surprisingly, the tough exercises felt a little easier to do than the first day; let’s hope that trend continues! However, I am feeling much sorer today than I did after the first day, but I guess that just comes with getting back in shape.

My nutrition plan, which I realize I’ve only been doing for two days, is going well so far. I’ve switched from 2 to 3 big meals a day, to several small meals. I also for the first time in my life am reading food labels to see what nutritional value each food item has. One thing I didn’t realize, on some foods, like a single bottle of orange juice, it will say it contains a certain number of calories but when you look closer that’s just for one serving.  In reality, there’s 2 to 2.5 servings in that single personal bottle. The more you pay attention to things like that the more foods you will see actually contain higher calories and fat that you may have originally thought.

I’m also writing down everything I eat and drink. Every little thing gets written down so at the end of the day I can see just what I put in my body. I’ve found it to be a helpful tool because it reminds me what I’ve eaten, and if I’m missing anything I need more of, i.e. protein. My trainer, Travis, also looks over my food journal to make sure I’m staying on track and to give me advice on how to balance my nutritional needs. Just another way to hold me accountable!

In blogs to come, I’m going to try and include some tips on nutrition and exercise that I learn from Travis. That way anyone interested can give it a try at home.  I’m also working on getting some pictures of my fitness class to share (I first have to get the women in my class to forgive me for bringing in a video camera)!

By the way if you’re interested in seeing the first story on my 8 week challenge you can watch is online. Our Healthbeat reporter Kelli Grant, and photographer Kevin Kjergaard, did a great job!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Good Luck Nichole! Travis and the Tryon Team provide you life skills, encouragement and accountability. They are the best trainers/gym in the world.

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