New Year, New Nicole

Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 8:18 am
By: Nicole Winters
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The New Year usually motivates people to start over, or try something new in their life. For me, I’ve always thought of doing things differently, but never actually followed through with it. But, I’m determined to not let that be the case this year.

2011 is going to be a life changing year for me. I have two very important weddings to attend, one of which is mine at the end of the year, and the

other is my best friends in May. On top of that, I also have my ten year high school reunion coming up.

While I’m excited for the adventures ahead, my mind has not stopped thinking about the fact that I’ll be wearing a wedding gown, bridesmaid dress and seeing lots of faces I haven’t seen in years. That of course has made me start re-evaluating my not so great nutrition, and my lack of exercise. Sure, I could give plenty excuses of why I’ve chosen to sit on my couch and eat pizza for the last several months, but I will spare you from hearing about my laziness. Instead, keeping with my New Years resolution (I plan to actually stick with) I’m going to stay positive, stop making excuses and get off the couch and get in shape.

The way I’m going to do it- through a body balance challenge with Tryon Gym. I followed a woman through the grueling 8 week challenge back in November for a story. Her determination and will to lose weight and get in shape really motivated me. Given the fact that I’m not one to stick with what I start when it comes to exercise, I thought this is just what I need. Over 8 weeks I will be working out with a group of women 3 times a week, working out on my own, and keeping a nutrition log of EVERYTHING I eat (which my trainer, Travis, will be checking).

The goal of the program is to hold you accountable for your own results. If I cheat, I’m only cheating myself. Working out with a group of women, most of which have similar goals to me, helps keep us all moving. And judging by the first night of class Monday night I’m in for a long hard 8 weeks. We did a variety of fast paced exercises that have me groaning when I sit, stand, or move in just about any direction. It felt good though to get back in the gym and get going on my goals.

I hope to draw motivation from my readers as well. So, if you have any tips or advice to keep me going strong, please share them with me. I will continue to blog through the 8 weeks to help hold myself accountable and hopefully motivate others. You’ll also be able to watch my progress on KELOLAND News.


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  2. Jessica says:

    Good luck Nicole :) You will do great!

  3. Mark says:

    The key is to find several things that you enjoy doing. Biking,walking,swimming,lifting weights or playing an active sport etc so you don’t get bored. It doesn’t have to be grueling as long as you are careful about what you eat and keep moving. Cut back on what you eat, but once in a while have a piece of pizza. If it becomes torture you won’t stick with it.

  4. Pat says:

    Sounds like you are on the right track…I joined the gym a year ago and made a resolution similar to yours and joined a program that is a lot like what you are doing. I am still with the program and am amazed at what a difference I have made in my life and how the right nutrtion, lifting weights and cardio changed my life!

  5. Nicole Winters says:

    Thanks for your posts! I’ve made it through two classes. I know it’s early in the program but I’m really enjoying it so far. I think working out with the other women is what makes it fun, and makes the workout time fly by!

  6. Leiann says:

    Go Nick!! You can do it! :)

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