Evening Wrap-Up

Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 9:35 pm
By: Karen Sherman
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As I walked down my apartment stairs today and opened the door I was pleasantly surprised to find the temperature above zero. I started my car with ease and zero window scraping. This is big a deal since I’m currently without a garage. To hear about the rollercoaster temperatures coming this weekend, check out Tony Barlow’s weather story, which aired during KELOLAND News at 5.

Andrea’s observations on her way to work this morning of buried fire hydrants, resulted in Ben Dunsmoor investigating the topic. Officials say there are no regulations, but urge people to dig out your hydrants. To learn more, read the story, “Snow Starting To Bury Fire Hydrants.

The fire hydrant talk also spurred discussion on our Facebook Page. We encourage you to check out the conversation and “like” KELOLAND News” to join in on our discussion.

In additionn to Andrea, I will also be updating the Inside the Newsroom blog and have recently moved into the role of evenings and weekend website producer. I will update you on any behind-the-scenes news, breaking events that occurr during the day and evenings as well as weekends, how KELOLAND News covered the stories and when to watch for them on air.

And, don’t forget to tune into KELOLAND News tonight at ten. We will be airing stories about a New Tech High School, the Sioux Falls Arena lowering it’s prices for concert promoters and

former NSU Coach Meyer’s book, just to name a few.

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