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Evening Wrap-Up: Augustana Students Are Home From Egypt!

Posted: Monday, January 31, 2011 at 9:31 pm
By: Karen Sherman
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As a recent Augustana College graduate, I am happy to report that the Augustana students who were stuck in Egypt the last few days landed around 9:20 p.m. tonight. KELOLAND News has been following the journey from the beginning. We started with a story before they left for the month-long band tour. Check out new stories about the recent protests, cancelled flights, lack of email and phone communication, switching hotels, etc. Hailey Higgins talked with an Egyptian-American who was involved in Facebook and Twitter conversations leading up to the protests. The Sioux Falls man says getting a new president is the answer to Egypt’s problems. You will hear from him on KELOLAND News at 10 tonight. Also, Ben Dunsmoor will be catching the Augustana students for an interview as they exit the plane. Tonight’s ‘Eye on KELOLAND’ by Katie Janssen fills us in on a graduation coach in Nobles County whose whole job is to make sure students graduate on time. Angela Kennecke put together an interesting ‘Your Money Matters’

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about a Sioux Falls man who moved from Las Vegas because he thought the job market is better here. Please be careful if you are “out and about.” As always, check the user submitted Closeline for details on event closings and the recent weather update.

Morning Meeting: Slick Commute, Augie Band Out Of Egypt

Posted: Monday, January 31, 2011 at 10:13 am
By: Karen Sherman
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How was your commute to work Monday morning? When I headed in, Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls had been plowed but many of the side streets were still covered in snow. And it sounds like conditions quickly got worse! Co-workers who arrived for our 9 a.m. meeting reported a slower than normal commute and some even admitted to sliding through intersections. Later on KELOLAND News, Jon Wilson follows up on the early morning crashes.

The weather will likely be a big story for the next few days. With snow, blowing snow and bitterly cold temperatures all in the forecast, you may not be thinking

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about spring flooding. But it’s likely to be a big problem in South Dakota once the snow melts. The National Flood Insurance Program is holding flood awareness meetings across the state. KELOLAND’s Ben Dunsmoor will have more on what’s being discussed on KELOLAND News at 5 and 6.

There’s an update on the Augustana band that had been touring Egypt when riots broke out across the country. As of this morning, all of the band members had left Cairo. Some will arrive in Minneapolis later today. The last of the group will be back in the states on Tuesday. KELOLAND’s Austin Hoffman will talk with a woman whose daughter is part of the band. And Hailey Higgins is working to talk with a man from Egypt about what sparked the unrest.

Morning Meeting:

Posted: Friday, January 28, 2011 at 10:35 am
By: Karen Sherman
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There was a scary moment at the halftime of the O’Gorman/Yankton girls basketball game. As Matt Holsen shared during sports on KELOLAND News at 10 last night, one of the referees had a heart attack, which delayed the game for a while. But reports say he was responsive on his way to the heart hospital. We hope he’s doing well today.

KELOLAND’s David Brown is following up on the referee today and Kelli Grant is going to talk with a woman who had a heart attack just months ago. Her scare has inspired her to help others.

Some KELOLAND college students have gotten caught in the middle of protests in Egypt. Augustana College announced today the students have changed hotels and they’ve cancelled a concert planned for tonight. To make the situation even more difficult, Egypt shut down its internet and cell phone networks early this morning. We’re talking with the school later today.

And gambling at the Grand Falls Casino will happen sooner than expected. Jon Wilson has a look at

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the progress at the complex that’s just over the border in Iowa.

Evening Wrap-Up: Where’s the money?

Posted: Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 8:53 pm
By: Karen Sherman
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Admittedly, we are all a little short on cash these days. As apply now a recent college graduate, I honestly thought that online payday loans texas once I entered the “real world” and had a “real job” castle payday that I wouldn’t have to payday loan help worry much about money. However, there are student loans, rent, electricity, cable, internet, food. The list goes on. Well, if you are like me and are wondering where to find some extra cash, tune in to KELOLAND tonight at 10 and watch Angela Kennecke’s Money Matters on how being more organized could save you money. She will explain the benefits of organizing your house apply now and your finances. Also on KELOLAND News at 10 is instant payday loans story about South Dakotan Corey Briest, who was on Oprah today. Briest is a former National Guard soldier who was severely injured by a roadside bomb five years ago. See how his family has adjusted since the accident that left him blind and in need of intensive project payday reviews physical therapy. With the awesome weather lots of snow has melted. Are you worried about flooding where you payday 2 cheats live? There is a 98 percent chance of major flooding of the Big Sioux this year. Nightbeat direct lender payday loans reporter Kelly Bartnick spoke with some Renner (which flooded last year) resident about what they are anticipating this year. And speaking of water, we also have an exciting Eye on KELOLAND planned tonight about a high school swim team from Sioux Falls with lots of ambition. Listen to testimonials payday 2 cheats from two high payday loans online schoolers who are Platinum members on the team and practice more than 16 hours a week.

Morning Meeting: Spring Flooding Preparations

Posted: Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 10:46 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Peggy Moyer and I were chatting before the morning meeting today about our recent trips to the bowling alley and boy did we spark a discussion. Cabin fever seems to have a lot of people interested, so I think we’re going to have to plan a newsroom outing.

If you’re experiencing cabin fever, you’re probably wishing all this snow would disappear.  Today we’re looking into what could happen when it finally does melt. The City of Sioux Falls is doing some spring flooding planning for what sounds like could be another interesting season. We’ll show you what they’re looking into. Plus, after seven state natural disasters over the past year, FEMA is preparing to pack up its offices in South Dakota, at least for a while. Perry Groten is going to talk with them about what they’ve accomplished in the state.

Some wrestlers in Aberdeen are in trouble for the suspected hazing of other students. Erich Schaffhauser is looking into how the school handles hazing. But we’re also curious what kids do for hazing these days. When I was a cheerleader, it included being woken up early with parents’ permission and taken from our homes, not being allowed to shower or do your hair for the day (which, for a teenage girl, can be humilliating) and getting a free breakfast. Have you ever been hazed?

And we have new information on the closure of the Interlude Bridal Shoppe closure today. Nicole Winters is talking with the Better Business Bureau about why they’ve now revoked the store’s “B” rating.

If you’re home or near a TV around 4 o’clock today, The Oprah Winfrey Show  on KELO-TV is featuring Corey Briest, a South Dakota soldier severely injured overseas in 2005.

Evening Wrap-Up: High Speed Chase, Murder, Sex Crime

Posted: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 9:57 pm
By: Karen Sherman
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Today was a busy day for news in KELOLAND. We started off the morning with a high speed chase just after 1:30 a.m. this morning when police noticed him driving without his headlights on. Police say he led them on a chase, which they had to call off because of the the dangerous speeds. They say after he crashed his car, he stole a delivery truck. They ended up arresting him for his second DWI, aggravated eluding, reckless driving, open container, third-degree burglary and grand theft auto. He also had warrants out for his arrest. Could he have done anything else wrong?

Also today, a woman was also charged with a murder in Mobridge, “Woman Charged With Murder In Mobridge Death,” Aubrey Schaff was in court today for accusations she burned the hands of a child she provided care for without a license, “Mom Wants More Public Information On Day Cares” and a registered sex offender is accused of new sex crimes involving two young children, “South Dakota Sex Offender Arrested Again.”

On the KELOLAND News at 10 p.m., we will have more information regarding the sex offender and hear from a victim’s family member, a Money Matters about the truth behind credit card rewards, a proposed tourism tax in South Dakota and an Eye On KELOLAND one bride’s experience with Interlude Bridal Shoppe in Sioux Falls.

Now, whoever said South Dakota doesn’t have much happening, is wrong.

Morning Meeting: Brides Ask, ‘Where’s My Dress?’

Posted: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 10:15 am
By: Karen Sherman
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In the couple of years since I left my position as the 10 p.m. News producer, I can’t remember a time when I sat down to watch the State of the Union. As a newscast producer of a show following the speech, I had to pay attention, but I have found other things to do during that time in the past few years. Chatter about the SOTU that I noticed on Twitter prompted me to tune in last night.

One of the things I took away was President Obama’s emphasis on education for American students. Starting at a young age all the way through college, Obama stressed the importance of education. It really struck me considering all the talk about the budget situation facing South Dakota schools and it was a topic of discussion at the morning meeting. KELOLAND’s Katie Janssen is going to look into what the president said and get reaction from a South Dakota school district.

We’ll also be following up on the stories we did Tuesday on Interlude Bridal Shoppe. A number of calls have come

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into the newsroom from concerned brides and their mothers wondering what will happen with any orders they placed at Interlude. The owner told KELOLAND’s Nicole Winters the store isn’t closing, just moving, but she didn’t share a location. Either way, it’s left a lot of brides in a panic about how this might affect their dream day and dress. KELOLAND’s Peggy Moyer is working new angles of this story. And in an Eye on KELOLAND on KELOLAND News at 10, Nicole Winters will have the story of a bride who’s waiting for her bridal gown and seven bridesmaids dresses to come in. She was told it would be January 7th at the latest, and with her wedding less than a month away, she’s not sure what will happen.

Also, an overnight high-speed chase in Minnehaha County ended when driver crashed his car into a snow bank. KELOLAND’s Perry Groten will be following up on the chase and crash. The driver, 28-year-old Ronnie Young, faces a long list of charges.

Try to get outside and enjoy this warmer day! According to a weather update from KELOLAND Meteorologist Brian Karstens this morning, cold temperatures will soon return to the area.

Morning Meeting: Bridal Store Closure

Posted: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 10:40 am
By: Karen Sherman
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It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life. But the closure of a bridal shop in KELOLAND is stressing out brides-to-be who don’t know whether they’ll ever see their wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses or the money they put down on them. KELOLAND’s Nicole Winters is looking into what’s behind the closure and what action brides can take, if any.

There’s some debate over the Governor’s proposed 10% cut to education. As Katie Janssen reported last night on KELOLAND News at 5, Governor Daugaard has said since schools receive funding from many other sources, a 10% cut is more like a 5.4% cut. Well, school administrators strongly disagree with that statement. Katie spoke with both sides about why they say the numbers are being twisted and will continue her report later today.

I’ve gotten big into couponing, which makes saving money on the personal level such an accomplishment. So I can only imagine how city leaders feel in Rapid City today. City departments there are coming in under budget, by millions of dollars. Austin Hoffman’s going to find out how the savings will help the town’s finances.

There are now two proposed bills to ban texting while driving in the South Dakota Senate (SB71 & SB115). KELOLAND’s Peggy Moyer is looking into how such a ban would be enforced.

Have a great Tuesday and join us later for the news.

Morning Meeting: Texting While Driving

Posted: Monday, January 24, 2011 at 10:13 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Do you text while driving? I’ve made an effort to stop and have been trying to help my family members do the same. Now nearly a dozen state lawmakers are taking action against it again this year. They’ve introduced a bill to prohibit the use of certain handheld electronic wireless devices for electronic messaging while driving (SB71). Don Jorgensen’s going to show you later today what it would prohibit and still allow. It’s sure to spark a decent debate.

As Erin mentioned in her blog on Friday, the newsroom was very excited to have broken the story about Sanford Health’s Breast Cancer Institute initiative. Kelli Grant did some good digging to find the document that laid out how the $100 million gift from T. Denny Sanford will be used. To continue the story today, Kelli is working to talk with a physician. She’ll have more on their perspective on the impact the specialized initiative could have on patients in the region.

We’re also in back in De Smet today where Melissa Kruger made her first court appearance. As we first told you Thursday, she’s accused of making terroristic threats on a Facebook page. The posts mention plans for a school shooting, but court papers say Kruger told investigators she didn’t think she’d ever hurt anyone. Shawn Neisteadt will have more on what happened in court and the person officials say is behind the threats.

And Governor Dennis Daugaard is continuing his community meeting tour today in Sioux Falls. He’s speaking to the Sioux Falls Downtown Rotary over the noon hour about his proposed budget. He’s a longtime member of the group.  David Brown will show you how his fellow Rotarians received him and his message.

Working Hard At Working Out

Posted: Monday, January 24, 2011 at 9:32 am
By: Nicole Winters
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The end of last week proved to be a bit hectic for me, so today I’m playing catch-up on my blog. Though it’s probably a good thing I waited until today to write, because after Thursday night’s workout I was ready to curse my trainer (only kidding Travis, kind of). 

Apparently Thursday’s are “fun” workout days. What I quickly learned is “fun” doesn’t always mean fun or anything close to it! We started the workout class with 8 sets of as many squats as we could do in 20 seconds. By the eighth set my legs were feeling it. We went right from that into stations that consisted of planks (where you hold yourself up on your forearms and toes), jump rope, pushups with weights, step-ups with weights, etc. (I think there were 8 different stations). We went from station to station doing as many of that single exercise as we could in 20 seconds, ending after the second round.

After getting the heart racing, and the muscles aching, came the really “fun” part that consisted of lunges, sit-ups and squat jumps. Every woman was timed during this to see how well they did. We did 15 reps of all three, right into 12 sets of each, 9 reps, 7 reps and then back up 7, 9, 12, 15. That doesn’t sound so bad reading it, but when you’re ready to throw in the towel, it’s challenging! There was no break in between. I think I got through the first 15, and was really starting to hurt. My legs felt like Jell-O, my face was tomato red and I wanted to quit!

But, just when I was about to give up, and tell Travis, I just couldn’t do it, I found out why working out in a group is so great. One of the other girls, who finished ahead of me, came over and did the exercises with me. She counted out loud and pushed me to the end. While she was taking the extra pain to help me, the rest of the class cheered me on. That gave me the motivation to push through the pain (and torture, I was thinking at the time). It was a gratifying feeling to finish without giving up. Because of that I have added a new goal to my list. I want to get to the point where I can finish a grueling exercise, and then motivate and help someone else who’s struggling. It really was an amazing feeling.

Now, we’re at Monday. Day 1 of week 2. I’ll let you know tomorrow how tonight’s workout goes. My thoughts are today will be hard since I’ve only done cardio exercise since Thursday, that means another sore day tomorrow!

 More to come later…


P.S. I cheated on my diet yesterday. I ate a cheeseburger (no bun) and a handful… ok, 2 handfuls of Doritos… and I ate veggie dip with my veggies. There it’s off my chest! Ugh, now I have to workout harder. But, the taste was worth it!