Morning Meeting: Bicycle Friendly?

Posted: Friday, August 20, 2010 at 8:53 am
By: Karen Sherman
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We ran a story back in April about Sioux Falls being rated the 31st bicycle-friendly city in the country. (Minneapolis was ranked number one.) The report cited the recrational trail and dedicated bike lanes on city streets. After a crash on Wednesday that killed a bicyclist, we got to thinking. What do you think? Does Sioux Falls do enough for bicyclists? What about your town? What communities in our area focus on bicyclists’ rights? This morning, Honor Flight took off from Sioux Falls. We’ll hear about why these last few trips are even abilify farts more important. Also, the Over The Limit program kicks off again today. We’re talking to the Highway Patrol about drunk driving and the number of adults that have been involved in fatal crashes recently.

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  1. Larry says:

    Does Sioux Falls do enough for bicyclists?

    Not much can be done when an impaired driver runs down a bicyclist. You have a guy exercising/getting into shape, not using gas, not producing pollution, doing all the right things mowed down by someone who should not have been on the road. I feel sorry for the family/friends and will feel even sorrier when not much will happen to vehicle driver.

    Now if I could figure out if a bicycle is a vehicle or a pedestrian when they are on the sidewalk

    Having bicyclists NOT stop for stop signs, ride against the traffic flow, and never signal their turns makes them tough to avoid. Stupid thing about it is if they are in an accident with a car, they always lose….in the sense of physical injury.

    Not sure how Sioux Falls riders behave, but in a city with a 50,000 student university, I repeatedly see all these things.

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