Morning Meeting: Your Thoughts On Iowa Casino

Posted: Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 9:19 am
By: Karen Sherman
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A court has ordered a new trial for former police chief Ken Huber.  He was convicted of killing his wife at their home in Highmore in October 2007.

There was a bit more discussion on the newly renamed Iowa casino and resort in our morning meeting.


 Wednesday, we learned the South Dakota gubernatorial candidates’ views on the casino.  While Democrat Scott Heidepriem laid out plans to keep money in South Dakota, Republican Dennis Daugaard says it’s still unclear whether the new casino will harm South Dakota’s economy.

In a release, Kehl Management said over $7.5 million worth of contracts will go to Sioux Falls and South Dakota and the casino resort will employ about 700 people.

So what are your thoughts on the casino?  How do you feel it will impact the region?

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  1. Gail says:

    I think the horse was out before someone closed the barn door. It is too late to cry now, it makes SD look like sour grapes.

  2. Squibby says:

    I wish the republicans were as aggressive towards growth as they are about draging their feet. The last thing SD needs is another good ‘ol boy Dau-nothing governor.

  3. cherye says:

    Really? Iowa is building a casino.. So “the money people” of South Dakota think, Oh! Oh! We must have one too?? Are we going to build a bigger and better one?

  4. Raean says:

    The casino will have a great impact on Sioux Falls.. Increased crime, increased families with financial and social problems.. what good ever comes from addiction, not that everyone will be, but we’ve seen how it’s gone over the years with the state lottery machines, not good.

  5. JJ says:

    I think the casino will greatly help Iowa’s Lyon County, and Sioux Falls. It will bring JOBS and more revenue to help out the schools. Many people who will work in the casino will likely live in Sioux Falls.

    If you don’t like gambling, then don’t gamble and shut up about it. If others like to gamble, then that’s their thing, not yours.

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