Morning Meeting: Sorry I Was Late, Dexter

Posted: Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 9:27 am
By: Karen Sherman
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I was a little late for this morning’s meeting, so sorry if this seems choppy:

The City of Sioux Falls announced more department leadership changes this morning.  (This is why I was late to the meeting.)  Just last month, Mayor Mike Huether announced four new department heads, and there will be a news conference today about the latest announcement.  We’ll be at the conference and have the highlights for you tonight.

JazzFest starts tonight, and we’ll tell you about parking and what organizers are expecting for attendance this year.  Are you planning to go?

– She was well-known throughout the Sioux Falls community and the state as a vocalist for Acoustic Christmas, but 54-year-old Doreen Pospisil, who was never a smoker, died Monday morning from Stage 4 Lung Cancer.  Her story is tonight’s Eye on KELOLAND.  (Here’s a story we did in October 2008 after she was first diagnosed.)

– We are covering the United Way donation to the backpack program that feeds needy children in the city. (Here’s a story we did last year on the program.)  We’ll have the backpack distribution schedule online with this story as well.

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