Morning Meeting: Weekend Accidents

Posted: Monday, July 12, 2010 at 9:10 am
By: Karen Sherman
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If you hadn’t heard, authorities believe they have arrested teen fugitive known as the ‘Barefoot Bandit.’  Police say he’s responsible for crimes in parts of KELOLAND, too.

Also, we had several serious accidents over the weekend on South Dakota roads.  A man died in a head-on collision on I-229, a woman was killed in an accident near Madison when a boat trailer detached from a truck, and a man died in a car-motorcycle crash in northwestern South Dakota.

We’re following up on two of these accidents.  We’re hoping to learn more about how a boat trailer detached from a truck and hit another vehicle near Madison — and we’re also looking at the 28-year-old woman who police say drove the wrong way on I-229 Saturday causing a head-on collision.  She faces felony charges including vehicular homicide, vehicular battery, and DUI 3rd.

This morning, there was a little more discussion on sleepy drivers after another semi accident that happened over the weekend.  Highway Patrol says the driver fell asleep and woke up as the truck rolled.

It’s been six months since the earthquake in Haiti and we’re checking in with Kids Against Hunger to find out how much they’ve been able to help and what they’re doing now.

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