Morning Meeting: Flooding Roundup

Posted: Friday, July 9, 2010 at 9:11 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Because of the accident on I-90 yesterday, we’ve pushed back our plans on the earwig story. However, thank you for those who left comment on the last blog. We realize the interest in these bugs — mainly, how to get rid of them. It’s in the planner for today, so hopefully it all works out. On that note, we’re going to talk to those who enforce trucking rules. Authorities say the driver of the semi fell asleep

at the wheel, so we’ll look into truck driver regulations. We’re also looking at tired drivers. In addition to the truck vs. RV accident, police say a woman may have fallen asleep before her car crashed into a local business Wednesday. We’ve brought you the stories of flooding from all across the state over the past couple months, so now we want to check in on these areas for an update. Have a great weekend!

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