Morning Meeting: Earwigs & More

Posted: Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 9:06 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Apparently there’s a lot of talk about a pesky insect known as the “earwig” — supposedly the population is at peak levels — and people just want to get rid of them. We pulled up some photos of the bug during the meeting and it was met by oohs and ahhs. Are you noticing more earwigs this summer?


Today we’re working on several stories including:

– We have a crew on the way to an accident that has closed I-90 near the Bridgewater exit. More details to come.

– We’re in

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Rosebud talking to a family who’s been displaced because of storm damage Monday night.

– Keeping your pets safe from lawn chemicals. What may be helpful for your lawn can be dangerous to your pets.

– Mold has set in after recent flooding, so how do you get rid of it safely and effectively?

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  1. O Justice says:


    These bugs are everywhere from my vegetable garden to the baby’s nursery to the kitchen and my pajamas, HORRIBLE! We can’t wait to hear how to get rid of them please!

  2. AJuhl says:

    These things are all over! I have never seen so many. They hitch rides into the house on my husbands pants after taking the dog out at night. I would really like to hear more about them. What kind of problems do they cause? Are they unsafe to children or pets? What do they do to my plants and lawn? I honestly know nothing about them other than they like cool damp places. With all the rain this year I know it is the ideal living environment for them. Please help calm my worries.

  3. Lee Ann says:

    The girls at work all swear by a spray bottle with Dawn and water. Spray it around your doors and windows. they are all young and have little kids, so we wanted something safe. I did that. I still have them in my house, but I don’t know if they were in here before or not. They get in the dog water, dog food bowls, kitchen, bedroom, they are horrible! I did the Dawn and water spray and I did notice that they fell off the house and died (quit moving?) when they got in the soap spray, so maybe it is good. They say they are completely harmless, don’t cause any disease, aren’t dirty, just so many they have no place else to go but into our areas. But they remind me too much of cockroaches and I hate ‘em.

  4. Melysa says:

    I have them as well. At first I was concerned that they were termites (never really knew what a termite looked like) but when I did some digging online, I learned they were earwigs. Of course, I’d heard the old wive’s tales re: burrowing into your brain through the ear, and was relieved to hear that was an urban legend! I used a solution of water and Mr. Clean, and the instant that hit them, they died. But they defecate EVERYWHERE, so make sure your stuff in the kitchen is closed up tight! I threw away everything that I couldn’t close (baking soda, instant mashed potatoes, etc.) and made sure my flour and sugar were in canisters. Ugh! I sure hope we don’t have to worry about these things next summer…

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