Morning Meeting: Troopers, Sleeping and Mosquitoes

Posted: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 9:00 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Things should be back to normal after a holiday weekend.  There are more faces in the newsroom, that’s for sure.

– We talked about more troopers on the highways over the holiday and are waiting on a final report on what their increased presence meant in terms of citations, etc.  On a related note, we’re curious whether the new-colored patrol cars mean they’re catching more speeders by surprise.  What do you think?

– There was quite a bit of discussion regarding a new study shows that students do better in certain areas when school starts a later in the morning.  We’re wondering if Sioux Falls middle schools have noticed this since they pushed back their start time for this year.

– A little bit on mosquitos and mosquito bites in today’s HealthBeat.  How do you treat mosquito bites?  Have you heard any mosquito myths?  Recent flooding seems to have made this area a haven for these guys to hang out.  Especially after a weekend of camping or spending time outside, a lot of you have probably been itching the past few days.

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