Morning Meeting: The Rain Is A Pain

Posted: Thursday, June 10, 2010 at 9:35 am
By: Karen Sherman
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Coming off of some intense election coverage earlier this week, our morning editorial meeting was full of some interesting non-political stories.

  • -It’s raining.  Storms are moving across our coverage area today and our team of meteorologists have briefed us on what to expect throughout the day.  [Check the forecast and conditions for your area] We’re looking at some areas that may face flooding from the heavy rain.  We should get a break from it a bit later, but plan for another round of strong storms tonight.
  • -The oil spill in the Gulf has been brought up a number of times by reporters and producers, but we’re looking for a way to localize it.  We talked to local BP gas station owners a couple weeks ago, but the situation in the Gulf is ongoing and remains a topic of interest.  What are your thoughts on the oil spill?  How does it affect you?
  • -A wire story from Iowa caught our attention:  A report shows that Iowa public universities are seeing an increase in alcohol-related offenses.  We’ll be talking with an alcohol abuse counselor today about what we’re seeing locally.
  • -Following up on the Tea dogs case:  The State’s Attorney says no charges have been filed and a local vet says no new cases have been reported.

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